My First MacBook


When I switched to Mac, I had just turned 40. I was intrigued by the “I’m a Mac” campaigns and to be truthful I was curious about OSX. After reviewing the beauty of the new aluminum uni-body macs I told my wife that is what I wanted for my 40th birthday present.Birthday morning I felt like a little kid running to my presents. I knew the MacBook was there and ripped the wrapping paper off the box. Apple is known for their precision to detail, and the packaging of Apple products is no exception. I knew from the moment I did my Macbook unboxing I was going to love this machine. Starting the MacBook up I was treated to this beautiful introduction that just floored me. Set up was a breeze, and the line “It just works” is absolutely true. With no hassle at all my MacBook was up and running and connected to my wireless router. (more…)