Mac book

The original Unibody MacBook can still be found!

The new “unibody” chassis is carved from a single piece of aluminum giving it the look of the Macbook Pro.

The 13.3-inch widescreen also receives a gorgeous makeover. From edge to edge, it’s completely covered in glass, similar to the screens on the iPhone and iMac and with the LED-backlit display.

Apple decided to rename the original unibody MacBook to the 13″ MacBook Pro. What does this mean? It means this is a great time to pick up a discounted MacBook.

Clicking on any of the Awesome deals below will take you to the eBay storefront with more detailed information. You can join in on the fun and try to get a better deal by participating in the auction, or you can use the “Buy It Now option” and still get one of these Amazing machines for a steal!

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