Apple MacBook Air MD711LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)

First say to buy Apple products, but there is a way is also very cost-effective, in the official education page can generally cheaper than the market price of 400 yuan. But no review almost, my air is in the website to buy, but also stage 12 stage 0 fee, is a means to buy the cheapest of the genuine. You can try!

In addition, is back to why buy MAC problem, if Apple computer is worth buying, indeed, at least the notebook is a piece of art, really beautiful. However, practical (here I mean if bought on the home is enough, if the comprehensive use refers to not only want to play the game, but also video estimates will let you down, most software fees, many can not play the game, with respect to the win7 system uses software less. Especially in many domestic online video can not see (plug-in) but these cannot be installed), is indeed worthy of you own a computer!
ONLY $699
This might look like just a minor spec bump from last years model. However, the new MBA boasts all day battery life: 11 inch (9 hours) and 13 inch (12 hours). This is a big step up from the previous generation. This is due to a larger battery and more efficient processor. The upcoming OS X Mavericks is supposed to be even more energy efficient than Mountain Lion. The MBA is also faster due to the new processor and has a faster wifi connection. The solid state drive in this computer makes it much faster than a regular hard drive computer.

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