How to Buy a MacBook Pro for Cheap


If you love Apple. Their products are an amazing mashup of quality, usability and design. Even their support is stellar if something breaks. The downfall of all things Apple is that you’re gonna pay for it. That truism presents a problem for “value conscious” techies like me. OK, I’m cheap. I admit it.

Is it possible to get Apple quality without paying the premium price?

In a word, yes. And I’m going to share a few ideas on just how to do that. A couple are not innovative, just practical. But at least one should get your attention, and I hope you’ll get a few tips along the way.

Where to Buy

Option One: Educational Discounts

If you have a student or teacher in your home, you automatically qualify for an educational discount from Apple. Click here for the Apple Educational Discount Store: You’ll have to go through the process of finding your school, but soon you’ll see a list of prices that you qualify for.

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