Why You Should Buy a Refurbished MacBook


The moment has arrived: your old computer has passed its prime. What was once an exquisite machine, blazing through files and loading applications in record time, is now a shell of what it once was, freezing at every moment and running on outdated hardware.

You decide it is time for a new computer. While there are many options available, from Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, to HP and Sony, one’s best bet is to rely on the efficiency and effectiveness of Apple’s products and find a MacBook for sale.

Shop for a Refurbished Macbook Today

Unlike the many PC makers out there, Apple has built a product that is uniquely theirs: a laptop fully designed to complement the needs of the average consumer and the advanced enthusiast. There are many reasons that a refurbished MacBook is the correct choice for replacing your recently retired computer. You can find some excellent MacBook deals at MacMall – Your #1 Apple Superstore!

To start, Apple’s MacBook has some of the best computer hardware on the planet as well as the best laptop design on the market. All MacBooks are made from one block of aluminum, which they call the ‘unibody’. The unibody design allows for a higher quality production that adds to the durability and overall beauty of the device. By making it out of one block of aluminum, the average user doesn’t have to worry about random parts chipping off of their computer or having it crushed inside of their backpack or briefcase. Aesthetically, the MacBook is one of the best looking devices on the market, with a design that is minimal and timeless.

unibody macbook frame

The Unibody Frame

In addition to it being beautiful to look at, the MacBook also possesses:

  • A vivid LED screen that displays everything in superb quality.
  • A Retina Display option to choose from if you decide you need even more visual clarity.
  • One of the best built-in webcams on the market. At 720p, it provides a crystal clear image when you’re video chatting.
  • The LED backlight keyboard is one of the best around. The perfect feature for any productive consumer that stays up late at night finishing a project, novel, or letter.
  • The multi-touch track pad is extremely simple to navigate and makes any computer task that much easier to do.

Overall, the MacBook has some of the best hardware money can buy.

The MacBook also has some fantastic software packed inside of the machine. OSX, Apple’s operating system, is seamlessly integrated with the computer and grants the machine immense usability. This is because the MacBook and OSX are both built by Apple. Rather than having the cookie cutter, PC Windows’s operating system, Apple created their own exclusive operating system that is in touch with the computer from conception to the final product.

built by Apple

Inside OSX, we find a system that prides itself on its simplicity and ease of use. Once you take a couple of minutes to get used to the new operating system, you’ll find yourself zooming through the computer in no time. The multi-touch trackpad works flawlessly with the system when flipping through programs, documents, music, and video. It also has the added convenience of putting all the downloadable programs in one place with the Mac app store. With the MacBook, there should be no need to search through dozens of websites in an attempt to find the program you have been looking for; it is likely already available in the app store.

mac app store

OSX also works as a great safety shield from viruses, with a number of security measures to protect you and your computer from any type of attacks. Programs such as Gatekeeper and FileVault help protect your computer from anything harmful coming into your system.

Gatekeeper settings

Because Apple also makes other popular products like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, these products also sync effortlessly with the MacBook. With iCloud, all of your files, music, photos, videos, and apps are available instantly on any of your other Apple products. With the MacBook, you are not only getting an awesome computer, but a digital hub for all of your electronics.

One of the best parts about getting a MacBook is that even if you are not satisfied with OSX or just want to stick with what you know best, a MacBook can run the latest version of Windows while still having a copy of OSX installed. This means that not only do you have the usability, simplicity, and elegance of a MacBook and OSX, but Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side, without rebooting.

Windows on a Mac

As Apple computers grow in popularity, many industries have widely accepted MacBooks and OSX into the workplace. What was once a major liability to Mac users is now a thing of the past. A number of industries use MacBooks now more than ever. In certain fields, such as in Design and Multimedia jobs, a Mac is actually the preferred choice among industry leaders. MacBooks are easy to adopt into any workplace without disruption, as it is compatible with all of the essential software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and the majority of preferred Internet browsers.

No matter how you look at it, purchasing a cheap MacBook is a spot-on decision. From its aluminum unibody design, vivid display, state of the art webcam, to its OSX operating system, sync capabilities with the iPhone and iPad, and its dual-boot potential with the Windows operating system, switching to Mac is the smart choice for any consumer.

While you spend your final days with your old, boring, and outdated computer, trying to clean up its random viruses, waiting for it to load, or hoping that its latest crash did not accidentally delete your document, think about the MacBook and how life would be so much easier with it. For even more ease, you can sign up for our free newsletter, which offers a well of valuable, up-to-date information about the MacBook and the software surrounding it as well as exclusive deals.

Shop for a Refurbished Macbook Today


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