My First MacBook


When I switched to Mac, I had just turned 40. I was intrigued by the “I’m a Mac” campaigns and to be truthful I was curious about OSX. After reviewing the beauty of the new aluminum uni-body macs I told my wife that is what I wanted for my 40th birthday present.Birthday morning I felt like a little kid running to my presents. I knew the MacBook was there and ripped the wrapping paper off the box. Apple is known for their precision to detail, and the packaging of Apple products is no exception. I knew from the moment I did my Macbook unboxing I was going to love this machine. Starting the MacBook up I was treated to this beautiful introduction that just floored me. Set up was a breeze, and the line “It just works” is absolutely true. With no hassle at all my MacBook was up and running and connected to my wireless router. At first it was a little daunting because I wasn’t sure where to go and how to do certain things, but I believe that was part of the fun. Till this day I am still finding out new things about my Mac that make me say “this is so obvious. Why doesn’t Windows have this feature?” After working on this wonderful computing device it is frustrating to use a Windows machine. My workflow has greatly improved, and the user experience on OSX is second to none. Do you remember the first time you used a Mac? If you are a life long Mac user be thankful that you have not been subjected to using a Windows based PC. If you have never used a Mac then you truly do not know what you are missing. If your interested in getting a Macbook deal online then be sure to browse our online store.
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