Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB US Warranty Unlocked Cellphone – Retail Packaging (Rose Gold)


Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked Cellphone

The moment you use iPhone 6s, you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With just a single press, 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before. Live Photos bring your memories to life in a powerfully vivid way. And that’s just the beginning. Take a deeper look at iPhone 6s, and you’ll find innovation on every level.

I’ll start by saying that the rose gold 6S is very much pink color. It’s not a yellow-pink color as the name rose gold would suggest. It’s a dusty rose pink. Today everyone I’ve talked to has asked me if the pink 6S was actually a pretty pink color, or a yellowish-pink shade. Yep, it’s pink!

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me this year, with the announcement of the new iPhone 6S. I got my 4S a few years back, just months before the iPhone 5 was announced. I’ve loved my little 4S, and up until recently, I had not really been planing on upgrading to a newer model. I’m on an endless mission to lower my family’s ever growing cell phone bill, not raise it. So the added length of the 5 models weren’t enough of a size difference to make me want to upgrade. Then when the new larger size of the iPhone 6 came out, my first reaction was that I wanted it.

However there was a bit of a concern last year with how bendable the iPhone 6 was, and also that Apple had not included a more durable glass that some had originally thought they might. This stronger glass was a feature I had been looking forward to. My husband and teenage son both use ruggedized smartphones by Casio and Kyocera, and I’ve seen what those phones can survive. My husband has dropped his phone in a lake while fishing, tosses his phone anywhere without the slightest concern for the glass, and my son drops his phone on every hard surface possible, and the screens not only stay in one piece, but without a scratch on them and work just fine even after being completely under water.

While I didn’t need the extreme toughness of being waterproof, years of seeing my friend’s iPhones with spider web cracks covering their screens made me want to hold out a little longer. My 4S was still small enough and thick/bulky enough that I hadn’t damaged the screen. Rumors of an iPhone with a stronger glass made me want to hold out just a little longer.

Then last month my old 4S started acting up. I stopped getting notifications of any kind, my phone would drop calls and the internet was getting painfully slow. I knew it was time. I thought maybe when Apple released their new phones, I could pick up last years model a bit cheaper. Then I saw it. ROSE GOLD.

That was the shiny bait that made me look closer. What a beautiful color. And then I saw the words I had been waiting for. That the glass on the iPhone 6S is made using a process that makes it stronger and the most durable in the smartphone industry. The best of both worlds, large phone/screen and strong glass. And of course….pink.

So I pre-ordered it and from the moment I received it, have been blown away by the features. The screen resolution is stunning, the photos it takes are beautiful and the processor works FAST. The Live Photos feature surprised me the first time I was looking through my pictures. I took a photo of one of our dogs to send to my daughter via a text and when I went to select it, my dog’s tail was wagging! Describing it, it sounds like it’s just a clip of a short video, but it really is a little different. When you’re scrolling through photos and each one has a second of movement to it, it’s wild. It’s almost like looking through a living photo album.

The fingerprint touch ID to unlock the phone and order iTunes music works really well. I was a bit concerned at first I was adding even more steps to unlock my phone each time I wanted to do some small task, like check the time. But using the fingerprint ID gets me in even faster, since I’m not swiping my finger across the screen to unlock it any longer.

For me, the most disappointing feature of the phone was putting a case on it! Having to cover the beautiful rose gold color. However I’ve ordered a new clear case to help with that. Extra protection and I can still see the gorgeous phone color. Upgrading to this new 6S has been worth every penny. With the super fast processor, beautiful rose gold color, Live Pictures and stronger glass, I’m so glad I waited the extra year. Loving everything about it.


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