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Among computer users, the eternal question seems to be “PC or Mac?” Though the PC clearly has the majority of market share, Mac users tend to remain very loyal to Apple products. For Mac users, their loyalty is no mystery. Here are the top 5 reasons you should switch from PC to Mac

1. The Mac Operating System Remains Consistent Over Time

When Microsoft upgrades the Windows operating system, functionality is often rearranged for no apparent reason. With each Windows OS upgrade, users must relearn how to do simple tasks. With the Mac, the operating system is consistent over time and does not change between releases. The Mac OS is notoriously minimalist and intuitive. Once the user learns the OS, there is no need to relearn simple tasks with each OS upgrade.

2. Macs are Predictable and Stable

Windows PCs are notorious for unexplained crashes, blue screening, slowdowns, as well as slow start-ups and shut-downs. Over time, the performance of the Windows PC degrades. With Mac systems, Apple designs the hardware and codes the operating systems. Macs are simply more predictable. Macs boot up quicker and shut down faster than PCs. Macs seem to handle memory problems better than PCs and Macs rarely crash.

3. Macs are More Secure

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Windows operating systems are vulnerable to a number of security attacks. From malware to hacked updates, Windows users must obsessively protect their computers with anti-spyware, anti-virus software and a series of firewalls. However, no matter how much the Windows user attempts to protect their machine, chances are they will still deal with some security threat at some point in time.

Mac users simply do not face the same threats and vulnerabilities as Windows users. For years, hackers and coders of malware have focused on Windows operating systems. Though this trend may change in the future, and a few threats for Mac have been detected in recent years, Mac users generally deal with far less security issues than Windows users. In fact, many Mac users do not install any type of malware or anti-virus protection on their machines, and the vast majority of Mac users never experience any security threats.

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4. No “Vaporware” on Macs

When a user purchases a Windows computer, he or she can count on spending a few hours removing all of the adware and demoware from their machines. Windows PCs are shipped with a variety of useless, space-consuming, resource-wasting demoware for trimmed-down software that most users will never buy. Even some applications that would be considered by most to be essential, such as word processing and spreadsheet applications, are only provided as trial versions for the more expensive Microsoft Office products in the Windows OS.

With a Macbook, no demoware, trial ware or adware is installed with the OS. Moreover, those annoying activation reminders and user account notifications that are so well known by Windows users, do not exist on a Mac OS.

5. Necessary Software Included

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The iLife productivity suite, which includes necessary applications, is installed on each new Mac. Unlike Windows users, Mac users are not required to purchase additional software in order to produce on their new computer. Windows operating systems have a pared-down trial version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. However, the full version of the product is sold for several hundred dollars. Windows OS does have WordPad installed, which will provide the user with bare minimum word processing capabilities. However, when you purchase a Mac, you simply boot up the computer and you are ready to be productive.

The Apple Reputation

Apple has the reputation as being the most innovative and forward-thinking company, constantly reinventing its products and revolutionizing the market. Apple is known for creating products that people want to buy. The applications available for Apple devices are useful and innovative. Apple is also known for having excellent customer support and experts who can assist users in every way.

With PCs, there are just too many variations of the operating system for one person or company to provide seamless and flawless support. When users purchase a Mac, they have the option to obtain free in-person technical support from the Apple Genius Bar. Apple Geniuses will assist users in performing any task on their Mac, such as reinstalling the operating system or even replacing hardware on the machine.

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